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Well Pump Repair & Maintenance

If you have a NO WATER EMERGENCY and you get your water from a well, you need to call us—a licensed well and pump professional to get your water flowing again! Before you call the plumber, call the well water experts at Beaver Hill Well & Pump.

tools on truckWhat can cause your well to go dry, have little to no water pressure, and so on? It could be one of these reasons…

  • Bad Wiring
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Faulty Water Pump
  • Well Pump Placement Issue
  • Submersible Well Pump Dies
  • Old Dug/Surface Well (your old dug/surface well is no longer producing water)
  • Pressure Tank Fails (when it fails, it short cycles the pump, and then the pump burns out)
  • Well Goes Dry (changes in the environment, construction, and extreme weather conditions can cause this)
  • Low Water Volume (less water is making it through the pipes because the pipes or well casing are clogged from a buildup of sediment and minerals)
  • Old & Unserviced Water Filtration or Water Treatment System (water can’t flow through the system in place any longer)

How old is your water well pump? The same age as your drilled well? Older than 10 years? 12 years? 15 years? If you answered yes to 10+ years old it might be a good time to have your well pump system checked.

If you have a NO WATER EMERGENCY and a drilled well… MOST of the time the problem has something to do with your well pump system or pressure tank. AND, usually, if it’s because your well pump has called it quits, there might not be a warning before you have no water.

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